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Yoga, Wellness Workshop & Sauna Yoga

After breakfast, we will have a Wellness workshop. During the workshop we talk about Mindfulness, well-being and stress management. We will also do yoga and meditation practice, and a mindful walk in the surrounding nature. From this you will receive the tools to help improve your well-being in everyday life.

In the afternoon we will try sauna yoga in spacious Earth Sauna. Sauna Yoga is a modified seated practice done in a gently warm sauna. After the short yoga you get to enjoy the Arctic Sauna World 4 elements saunas, and if you feel brave, take a dip in the frozen lake! This experience will for sure leave you rejuvenated and relaxed.
After the sauna we will enjoy a delicious dinner.

As with every night on this tour, your guide will be monitoring the Aurora Borealis activity. If the conditions are right, your guide will take you to the best spot to go and view the Auroras.

Additional Information

  • Accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner included
  • Activities included
  • Transfers includedAdditional Accommodation on request: Aurora dome 128€/person (2 person in the Dome).


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Lapland Winter Wellness

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