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Optional day in Oslo

Our adventure begins with a tour of the beautiful ancient city of Oslo. Divided into two distinctive areas; Oslo, is a vibrant and expansive city of old and new. The new Oslo (albeit, still over 350 years old) was originally called Christiania and was built after a tragic fire tore down the original city in 1624. As Christiania grew and enveloped the old Oslo, the city was once again christened Oslo and has been known as such ever since. Touring through Oslo, one can clearly see a difference in the architecture between the two ages of the city. In the early 2000’s, Oslo was the fastest growing city in Europe and had a huge influx of immigration. Along the tour of this wonderful city, you will see the many cultural varieties this growth has brought.
After the city tour in Oslo we will check in to our accommodation and enjoy a delicious welcome dinner. Your guide will tell you everything you need to know about your coming arctic adventure and give you an introduction to our main attraction for the week, Aurora Borealis. The incredible arctic light show, high in the night sky, that is best observed at this time of the year.

Additional Information

  • Accommodation and dinner included
  • Private transfer to/from activities included
  • General activity fees included


  • Hotel Thon
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